We wanted to explore the idea of an educational game.  Something that could be used in conjunction with our new Lightbox offering, targeting grades 3-6.  We decided to select the series of books entitled Earth’s Water, which contains six different books around the topic of water.  Since no one here has ever written a game, we knew it would be challenging. We first came up with several pie in the sky ideas, ranging from super simple to extremely in depth.  We had a short time frame to work with, under 6 weeks.  We decided on Shrimp Escape, a game where you control the shrimp and try to avoid things in the water that are trying to eat you. Over time we added in custom sound effects, game music, some water pollution, garbage, claw blasts and a even a plankton store.   To make the game educational, we added in several “Did you know?” facts about fish, shrimp and water.  We are excited to show off our work, so please play the game and give us feedback.

Play Shrimp Escape

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