True to its name, Notbook is not a book and it’s not a notebook, it does so much more by allowing students to engage, self-guide and self-pace through a collection of resources on topics that enrich learning. This prototype is fully integrated and complementary to another prototype, Jump Point (most recently graduated to production development). Notbook was spawned from the desire to allow teachers to deliver the content collected in Jump Point in a scoped and sequenced (ordered) lesson, to augment or deliver instruction. Additionally, each Notbook can be differentiated (customized) for each student based upon his or her level. Even more, this tool can be used to provide a collaborative, group-project platform for students to assemble presentations and learning outcomes to share with the teacher or their classmates. Included in the prototype is a slide show feature that not only allows lessons, projects, and content to be viewed in presentation mode, but also allows students to show evidence of their learning by sharing or presenting their own personal portfolio. Jump Point and Notbook are both free, so give them a try! We’d love your feedback.

Try Jump Point and Notbook and download the Jump Point Chrome Extension


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