LessonMore is a prototype that expands the functionality of Destiny Collections (aka Jump Point). LessonMore is geared towards teacher and allows them to scope and sequence any resource within a Collection. Teachers create slates of content or instructional text and order them in a meaningful way for instruction. Teachers can add student instruction to each slate. Each lesson created can have slates that are labeled as extra help slates, which can be toggled on by the students when they need extra help on the lesson. Lessons can be shared via Google Classroom or via a link into any LMS. Teachers can identify lessons as teacher paced, which allows the teacher to control the interactions of each student in the lesson. Units of study contain multiple lessons and can be shared as view only or with edit rights to other teachers. Lessons also contain lesson notes to help other teachers understand the main purpose and learning objective.

LessonMore is free, simply log in using your Google or Microsoft account and start creating Units and Lessons from your Destiny Collections. Try LessonMore

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