Jump Point is a prototype that allows you to create a collection of open educational resources that align to a specific topic or unit. You can add tags and notes on each resource.  The resources you add may be from anywhere on the internet — anything with a web link.  Simply copy/paste the link into Jump Point to add it to your collection. We will automatically capture a thumbnail, create default tags, and categorize the type of resource it is. We also created a handy bookmarklet for one-click adding to your collection.  Once you have built your collection you can easily share the collection with your students via a web link or Google Classroom. You can optionally display the resource notes as well.  Jump Point is a free to use so give it a try! We’d love your feedback.

Try Jump Point and download the Jump Point Chrome Extension

graduated  Jump Point has graduated!  The core development team has picked up the work on this project and are currently building it for production.

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