We created a prototype to see if we could match a cover image from a photo of the cover of a book.

Why?  Imagine this scenario:

Students are in a book store or school library or a friends house, they see a book they might be interested in. They take a picture of the book with their camera on their smart phone, upload it to our Follett service which matches the cover image to a book in that students schools collection (FollettShelf or Universal Search or Destiny, etc.). When a match is made it will show the status of the book, if there is a physical or electronic book, they can put a hold on it, etc.

Imagine another scenario:

Teachers use Follett’s TitleWave service to find and purchase books. Instead of searching for the book, they could take a photo of a book they want and our Follett service would show the matching results.

The resulting prototype has a limited database of just over 1 million indexed cover images of Follett eBooks. Our prototype allows you to take a photo of a cover, it uploads it to our service and we try and find a match. The prototype will tell you if that book is available as an ebook.

Live Demo

The demo works on any device with a camera, as well as within a computer browser. Just select the cover image you want to match and click Search.

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