follett labs logo square 256x256Follett Labs is an innovation team within Follett School Solutions dedicated to continuous discovery of customer needs. We do this through getting out of the office and talking to customers as often as we can. We are always looking for educators who are willing to let us learn about what you do. If that’s you, please contact us to talk!

Once we think we discover a need we think we can solve, we begin a process of rapid experimentation where we put our ideas in front of users as early and often as possible. Often our early prototypes are very rough, but we understand that most of our solutions won’t actually solve the need. The only way to fit the solution to the need is through a willingness to fail fast and adapt to what our users tell us. If you see a project on our website that looks interesting, please let us know if you are interested in helping us shape it into something useful.

Some people are surprised to learn that we are also interested in solving problems for internal customers. We are happy to apply the same continuous discovery processes internally, too. We have begun facilitating design sprints to help teams quickly make progress on big problems using validated learning from customers in just 5 days!