Latest Projects


Hanabi is a reproduction of the card game produced by AbacusSpiele. The goal of this project was to gain a better understanding of websockets and their potential application in future projects. How to play Hanabi is a cooperative game where two to five players try to play colored cards sequentially from 1 to 5. However […]


LessonMore is an prototype that expands the functionality of Destiny Collections (aka Jump Point). LessonMore is geared towards teacher and allows them to scope and sequence any resource within a Collection. Teachers create slates of content or instructional text and order them in a meaningful way for instruction. Teachers can add student instruction to each […]


Bluebin is an online tool to manage and track your classroom library. Adding books is simple and it automatically grabs book details like the cover image, author, reading level, F&P level, Lexile level and more. Once your books are loaded into the online classroom library you can start using it to checkout books to students. […]


True to its name, Notbook is not a book and it’s not a notebook, it does so much more by allowing students to engage, self-guide and self-pace through a collection of resources on topics that enrich learning. This prototype is fully integrated and complementary to another prototype, Jump Point (most recently graduated to production development). […]

Destiny Discover

We know that you love to search for educational resources using Google’s amazing search engine.  But sorting through millions of results can be time consuming and often yield unwanted results. What if when you searched Google, it also searched your District owned educational resources and displayed them within the Google search results? We introduce to you […]

Jump Point

Jump Point is a prototype that allows you to create a collection of open educational resources that align to a specific topic or unit. You can add tags and notes on each resource.  The resources you add may be from anywhere on the internet — anything with a web link.  Simply copy/paste the link into Jump […]